Where Does Bullying Take Place?

Bullying by one or many can cause serious damage to the one being bullied
Stop Bullying Before Someone gets Seriously Hurt

What is bullying?- According to NSW  it is when behaviour is hurtful and happens more than once; that behaviour is directed at a certain person or group of people and it embarrasses, threatens or intimidates the person(s) being bullied.

It’s amazing but I have found that some people actually only view bullying as a childhood experience, not something that can happen to an adult, even when it is happening to them. Bullying can be found in many ways, here are a few, this is an overview I plan to look at all of them in more detail in later posts:

Schools – this is something that has had a lot of media attention all over the world the past few years. Children being bullied because they are different,  that can be anything from the eye colour to ethnicity.

Workplace – bullying goes on far more than people realise, take a look at these pictures and see if you can identify any that you may have seen but not realised what was happening.

Cyberbullying – this is on the increase, we have all read about the Facebook victims those who have attempted or even committed suicide. Cyber bullying can take place over any social media, emails, phone Apps, Twitter, chat rooms. Hard to control and difficult to identify although most responsible companies are attempting to identify bullies but a lot depends on the victim pointing them out, something that is hard for many of those bullied to do.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, if you think you are being bullied please identify it to a senior manager or talk to your  HR department.

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